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Italian Society for the Study of Diabetes (SID)/Italian Endocrinological Society (SIE) guidelines on the treatment of hyperglycemia in Cushing’s syndrome and acromegaly

M. G. Baroni · F. Giorgino · V. Pezzino · C. Scaroni · A. Avogaro

Hyperglycemia is a common feature associated with states of increased growth hormone secretion and glucocorticoid levels. The purpose of these guidelines is to assist clinicians and other health care providers to take evidence-based therapeutic decisions for the treatment of hyperglycemia in patients with growth hormone and corticosteroid excess. Both the SID and SIE appointed members to represent each society and to collaborate in Guidelines writing. Members were chosen for their specific knowledge in the field. Each member agreed to produce—and regularly update—conflicts of interest. The authors of these guidelines prepared their contributions following the recommendations for the development of Guidelines, using the standard classes of recommendation shown below. All members of the writing committee provided editing and systematic review of each part of the manuscript, and discussed the grading of evidence. Consensus was guided by a systematic review of all available trials and by interactive discussions....